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Feeling Fidgety? Try Spinning instead!

Feeling Fidgety? Try Spinning instead!
July 19, 2017 Leela Maitreyi
Leela Maitreyi
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I’ve never been particularly very up to date on real time trends until my 8 year old comes up with a request for some unheard of craze. (read: heard and known by the world not necessarily me being part of that milieu) So basically I find out about these fads after they have almost been done to death and possibly annoyed every other parent on the planet. So it’s no surprise that I first heard about fidget spinners a few weeks back when my son came home from school with a request for an LED type and went on rather histrionically explaining every little detail.

Though I must admit, at the outset nothing of what he said made much sense except that I found a bait to get him to finish his lunch every single day the entire week. And boy! Did it work!!

So, what really are these earth shattering inventions? How did they manage to become the biggest unifying force for the young-mankind known ever?

Fidget spinners are small, easy to carry, can be used by anyone and is not only restricted to the people suffering from anxiety. It is made for all ages and this is the reason why fidget spinner is here to stay for a long time. It is like the cool gum that can be chewed by anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Fidget spinner goes a long time back in the history, the 90s, when the spinner was created. Since almost everything that we wear or see today, we tend to follow the past, and fidget spinners rightly fit the bill. Turns out, these practically useless machines aren’t really a fad. And they do exactly what their name says — spin. Trust me, that’s all they do. They’ve been used as a sensory tool for children on the autism spectrum or with anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, or ADHD for a while now. Like stress balls, fidget spinners give busy hands and busier minds something to do.

If you thought, it’s sales are soaring only because of kids, you ought to order one for yourself right away. It is a “must-have-workplace” toy now.

Stress ball is a passé!

Turns out, Slinky and Fidget cubes have been few of the earliest fidget toys being used by therapists for years now. So we bought a fidget spinner on Amazon the other day to see what the buzz was all about. And I thought I’d give the fidget spinner a try. My son was at school when the spinner arrived so I decided to give it a whirl myself and let me tell you, there is indeed something amazing about it. No trick to it — it is literally just a spinning disk — but I found it strangely addictive and wonderfully Zen like. And hence began my quest for “ The Zen-ness of Fidget Spinners”. I went “Google Overboard” on what could be the underlying science of being glued to this really simple design? No compelling evidence has been documented and whatever is, is fairly empirical.

One thought that this spinner is a craze could be that fidgeting may occupy parts of our brain that otherwise would distract the rest of the brain with random thoughts. If young children in the family aren’t occupied by toys, they may demand too much attention, interfering with decision making. Fidgeting may prevent our mind from being occupied by obsessive thoughts such as why does Mrs. Sharma always look so happy on Facebook ? or why isn’t Shah Rukh Khan returning my phone calls? Another explanation is that fidgeting probably is a like a ritual. Rituals by their very nature are comforting, habitual and offer predictability and familiarity which is relatively absent in our real lives. And rituals are known to be calming and focus inducing.

Wow! Aren’t kids early adopters to something we trash?