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Should education be inspirational or purely informational?

Should education be inspirational or purely informational?
April 10, 2018 Leela Maitreyi
Leela Maitreyi
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A highly misunderstood term – Education!

Isn’t education supposed to turn out children into intellectually, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially balanced?

Isn’t education supposed to make a child feel empowered, confident, curious & liberated?

But is this what the current curriculum able to achieve?

If not, where does the problem lie?

Problem lies at the core of the educational systems where children are trained to be robotic and eventually redundant.

Don’t we see many people who are successful without getting a supposed “Good Educational Degree”?

And many people who are “Highly Educated” and not successful?

Why is that?

Because success is determined by character and not only by knowledge. Future is all about being creative, innovative, collaborative and socially skilled. If we don’t recognise and include these skills now, we are just training machines who are going to end up mediocre stifled with information overload, much of which is

What is the way out?

Children learn best when teaching aligns with their natural curiosity, energy and exuberance. In this fast paced life, collaboration is touted as the foremost mantra for success so why is it that the seeds not be sown early on! Only a system that INSPIRES not just INSTRUCTS is likely to trigger a child’s intellect and instinct to learn.

A system that allows a child to blunder…

A system that allows a child to attempt the non-obvious….

A system which allows to apply and experiment….

Is the way forward!!

Is there any such system?

As with everything else, there is no single solution to this. But the best ones – the change makers have this in common: they open up rich worlds that children can explore in their own ways, developing their interests and perspectives with experimentation rather than indoctrination. A system that is not risk-averse, fluid, collaborative, socially relevant and totally in sync with the demands of the coming century.

“INTELLIGENCE+CHARACTER-That is the goal of true Education”
– Martin Luther King